Aviva Organic Spray Tanning

Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning offers you the most natural-looking long-lasting even-fading tan you will ever have without the sun.  You get a natural-looking color that lasts longer than regular sunless tanners.
Aviva is the only product that has 13 ingredients which includes no: alcohol, fragrance, or oil.  It is Gluten Free. 


Spray Tanning Pre & Post Guidelines
Pre-Spray Tan Guidelines for the best results:
1. Do not spray tan the day you have a special event
2. Lightly Exfoliate (with a brush or mitt)
3. Shave/wax
4. Avoid wearing makeup or moisturizer/deodarant. 
5. Wear loose clothing (dress - nothing tight)
6. You can wear a bathing suit, underwear or you can be in the "buff" - We suggest if this is your first time that you do not tan in the "buff" so you can see the tan lines the next day after you shower.
7. Do not damage your skin - i.e., Sunburn, over exfoliate, etc.
Post-Spray Tan Guidelines for the best results:
1. The color you see on your body is a "Bronzer" this will be darker than your tan - this is NOT your tan.  This will wash off when you take a shower.  You will see all the color go down the drain - but please remember this is NOT your tan.  Your tan will take either 1 to 4 hours with the Rapid Tanning Solution or 12 hours with normal Tanning Solution for the DHA "Dihydroxyacetone" to develop.
⦁ (i.e., working out (sweating), baby drool, animal licks (dog), spilling drinks, rain, brushing teeth, hot steamy cuddling, perfume) (you can use baby powder if your body is sweating).
3.      Avoid exfoliating products.
4.      Avoid products with alcohol.
There are products that have "DHA" in them to help make your tan last longer.  We do sell these products if you are interested. 
Any questions or concerns, please free to contact us: 508-591-0730.


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